Wall Of Fame


Chirsté Loedolff u/14 girls Discus 1kg. National championships 41.05m
2021 National Championships
U/15 Boys Diskus and shot put.
Aidan Erasmus 56.76m
Owen Basson 4kg 16.99m and 54.26m
Henco Lamberts 56.97m

Mandilene Hoffmann Olympic Qualifyer F44 discus

Aiden Smith 5kg 20.67m


Aiden Smith shot put 18.95m record 5kg
Tiaan Stoltz u/15 1kg throwing over 68m
Hanru Potgieter 1kg discus over 58m


Mandilene Hoffmann Gold, Discus F44 World youth championships, Switzerland
Cellonika van den Berg girls u/13 Discus 43.94m
Tiaan Stevens boys u/12 Discus 47.21m National record boys
Markus Kotzee boys u/17 1st Place SA skools – Shot Put – 19.70m
Aiden Smith boys u/15. Shot Put 19.53m
Savanna Visser girls u/13 Discus 44m
Chirsti Loedolff girls u/12 Discus 40m


Lohan Potgieter  Shot put 5 kg 20.16m
Kevin Lock Shot put 4 kg  19.70m
Charl Ehlers Discus 1 kg 58m
Belinda Janse van Rensburg discus 1 kg  43m
Liam Pavier Discus 1 kg SA record 55m
Liam Pavier Shot put  4 kg 17.84m
Mandilene Hoffman 3 Gold SA’s SASAPD
Emile  Gold Discus SA record  31m SASAPD
Bodine Degli Umberti girls u/16 shot put 14. 10m


Liam Pavier boys u/12 Shot put 3 kg, 16.91m
Liam Pavier boys u/12 Discus 47m
Febe Wessels girls u/14 Discus 37m
Boeloe Scott boys u/13 Shot Put 4kg, 14,05m
Mandilene Hoffman smashes National Record F44 in Shotput and Discus. Still only u/14 and breaks the u/16 record.
Mandilene Hoffman gold Shotput 3kg IWAS Portugal
Mandilene Hoffman bronze Discus IWAS Portugal


Febe Wessels girls u/13 broke the National record 44,30m

Mandilene Hoffman u/13, breaks 2 u/16 SA records Discus and Shotput F44

BREAKING THE WORLD RECORD 7 times in 5 competitions!! Well done Liam. The record stands now at 18.58meters. Boys u/11 Shot Put 2 kg.

BREAKING THE WORLD RECORD 4 times in 2 months!! Well done Liam. The record stands now at 17.21meters.

Liam Pavier Boys u/11 Shot Put WORLD RECORD! 16.83 meters well done.

Liam Pavier   u/11   Shot put   Provincial 15 meter distance
Tjaard Breedt throws 62.20meters boys u/15

National Championships Our Academy delivered in boys u/11 Shot Put, a second and third place. Well done to Liam Pavier (2nd)  and Dieter Schubert (3rd)

Boys u/10 High Jump, National School championships 1 st place. Jason Houy


Yolandi Stander   Discus & Shot put u/17 World Youth Championships


Johan Scholtz represent SA for Discus in the World Youth championships, also ranked 1 st in South Africa for Shot put u/17