Athletics Talent Identification


“There should be testing and searching for talent at every school. Talent identification is not just doing an athletic event. Owen and Maryna van Niekerk did 5 years of research at primary schools in Johannesburg, to see what can be done to improve all the various training theories and methods for sport development and coaching young children.

Owen van Niekerk also developed identification tests to search for talent and to test a whole school or group of athletes. With these tests, new and raw talent can be discovered.

Schools just have trials by doing normal athletic events. There are many talented children hidden in our schools and if children can be scouted and told about their hidden talents, they will also become more interested in sports like athletics, for example. The children who have been coached for a year might win the school events, but in every school there are unidentified athletes with lots of talent that have not been discovered.

Schools have trials by doing the proper 60m/80m/100m to 400m or long jump, discus etc. and again the child who has been coached wins. Sometimes the unidentified athlete is not selected and gets no chance to run /participate for his/her school and stops training.

Contemporary performance demands are so high in Track and Field that athletes with average ability are not going to succeed, even if the best training methods are employed. This emphasizes the importance of correct selection procedures for a particular event. The height of an athlete is often important for selection. However, coaches, frequently prefer shorter athletes because they are usually better coordinated and produce better short term results than their tall counterparts. It occurs regardless of the fact that the taller athletes may have a much better potential.

Owen has developed talent identification tests for track and field over many years, by combining most of the world’s top countries identification and testing methods and his own tests, he developed these talent identification tests over many years and the tests have been used with great success.”


Die toetse is nagevors in Rusland en Duitsland met groot sukses. Daar is tabelle vir elke ouderdom en geslag per item wat aandui wat die potensiaal is volgens die toetsuitslae.

Cost: Please contact Janita for a test date and costs. We successfully tested large groups and schools.